Punch & Order – MATH FUN!

May 4, 2020 No Comments

My girls always love when I pull out the hole punchers so I decided why not use them for some hands-on number recognition and counting practice?!

This activity is SUPER because it is so SIMPLE to prep and works on various skills! And I LOVE THAT!

Fine Motor – CHECK!
Number Recognition – CHECK!
1:1 Counting – CHECK!
Number Order – CHECK!

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So are you ready to work on lots of skills with just one easy-peasy prep activity?


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Grab your paper and cut long strips.

Write a number on the bottom of each strip. We did numbers 1-10, you can always do more or less. *Also, you could totally do a similar style activity to this with addition math problems instead!

Set out the strips and a hole puncher.

Ask your child to identify the number on each strip and hole punch it to match. “I see number 1, I hole punch one hole.”

Have them hole punch all strips then lay the strips flat and put them in number order.

Follow up by having them touch and count out loud to check their work.

This activity was definitely a HIT in our house! I mean, kids LOVE using hole punchers!

So let us know if you give it a try and if you’re not ready yet be sure to SAVE it by pinning it below.

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Will you be trying this hands-on activity?


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