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Have you ever had a CRAZY afternoon with your littles and thought we need a RESET?! YES?! Me too!  So today I want to share a go-to reset activity that always works for us!

This activity has just 2-ingredients, can be prepped in less than 2-minutes and is sure to help change the mood when things get crazy.

Are you ready to know my secret?

 A good ol’ BATH and some DIY BATH PAINT!
Yep, that’s all and I promise every time we do this my girls play for about 40 minutes, and suddenly our day is back on track!

 For this activity, you only need a few supplies and it’s likely you have them on hand!
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  • Optional: Paintbrushes

When things start getting crazy I go to the kitchen, grab a cupcake pan, some food coloring, and a couple paintbrushes.
I tell my girls to follow me and upstairs to the bath we go.
I get the girlies in the tub and as it’s filling I make up some DIY BATH PAINT!
To do this I fill each cupcake hole with shaving cream then add 1-2 drops of food dye to each hole.
I give each color a good stir and it’s set!
I hand it to my girls with a few paintbrushes THEN SIT BACK, listen, and watch as they play and play!
It is AMAZING, clean up is a breeze, and it has never let me down!

What do you think? Would your kiddos be fans of this one?
*Note: I’ve never had an issue with the paint dyeing the girls skin or our tub BUT please test it out if you’re worried at all.*
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