Turkey Themed Activities – Preschool/Pre-K/Kinder

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It’s time to bring out all things TURKEY! With Thanksgiving in less than two weeks, it’s the perfect time to pull out the turkey-themed activities for some hands-on fun and learning. I’m here today to give you a look at one of my newest pre-k themed activity sets (TURKEY) and can’t wait to share all the goodness we are getting into over these next few weeks.

Turkey Themed Sensory Bin for Kids

You know I LOVE a good picture book and our little shelves our full of our favorite turkey day themed reads. Here are just a few that I recommend checking out if you haven’t already.

Thanksgiving Books for Preschool

Pulled out our fall colored dyed rice to fill this simple turkey-themed bin. A few toilet paper roll turkeys, feathers and pipe cleaners are all it took to get my girls EXCITED! Check out how EASY it is to dye-rice by watching our YouTube video here: How-To Dye Rice.
Thanksgiving Centers for Kindergarten
These turkey-themed letter mats are great for practicing uppercase and lowercase letter identification. Students will pick a card, identify the target letter, then cover all matching letters. These work great in morning bins, centers. or as early finisher activities.
playdoh trays for preschool
We love our play dough trays over here so of course, I busted out some supplies to create a “build your own” turkey tray. Our #dollartree serving tray included feathers, googly eyes, and candy corn. I added in a die to tie in some basic counting and asked the girls to roll, count, and add feathers to their turkey.
fall name craft for kindergarten
Loving this little turkey name hat and it’s a FREEBIE in my shop. The activity includes a simple template to print, color, and create this hat. Add the letters in your child’s name to the feathers so they can practice identifying and ordering the letters in their name. If you don’t want to work on names why not add the numbers 1-5 instead?!
fine motor activities for kids
A fun way to get in some fine motor practice is to set out a tray of beads and feathers for threading. You could have your students just thread, ask them to create bead patterns, set out magnetic numbers and have them pick a number then thread that many, etc.
color and counting math centers
Looking for a fun way to practice color words and counting? These number 1-10 strips are great for pairing with mini objects for counting and a dry erase marker for tracing. Invite your students to pick a strip, read the sentence, count the colored turkeys, and trace the color words. In the resource, I’ve also included a B&W version so students can make their own mini-books to practice with and take home.
thanksgiving turkey craft
I can’t wait to do this little craft with my girls. It is so simple but so CUTE! A coffee filter covered in dot markers makes up the turkey feathers in this sweet holiday craft.
thanksgiving literacy center ideas
I don’t know what it is about adding cards to a popcorn kernel sensory bin, but it ups the engagement like no other! In this activity, students will pick a picture card, say aloud the picture name, identify the beginning sound, then find and trace it on the mat.
thanksgiving math center ideas
Time to count and add those feathers while practicing recognizing numbers on a ten frame. Pick a card, identify how many, then add feathers to this sweet turkey to match. 
I don’t know about you, but I have a stack of blank Target mini books and am always looking for ways to use them! I decided to add this FREE GRATITUDE COVER to the top and encourage my girls to draw and write one thing they are grateful for each day. This has been such a fun activity for us and I love having conversations with them about what they are thankful for BIG or small.
Now it wouldn’t be a themed set without an easel art roll activity! For this activity tape up a sheet of easel paper to the wall, sketch a SIMPLE (no judging HA!) turkey, and various colored lines, then hand your kiddos some matching dot stickers. BAM! Fine motor and color practice all in one.
I’ve got all the heart eyes for these little shape turkeys. Pick a card (don’t forget to toss it in a sensory bin) then find its match!
I wrote a song to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot” and created this little turkey out of an oatmeal container as a fun way to practice the letters in the alphabet. Sing the song, pick a letter, then feed it to the turkey after identifying its name/sound.
Practice identifying rhyming pairs by creating a rhyme/ not a rhyme turkey. I love the bright feathers on this one and its such a fun, no stress way to practice rhyming words.

For this hands-on pattern activity, have your students pick a pattern card then create feathers out of play dough to show the pattern. This is a great way to practice patterns AND work on fine motor skills.
Can’t go wrong with a game of roll and cover. Print out the game mat, add some dice, and you’re set! Let’s see who can cover their mat first. I did this activity with both my girls (I just modified for Zoey by adding a number reference sheet) and they absolutely had a blast! They actually asked to play 3 times and you know, I didn’t object.
YOU GUYS, THIS IS SUCH A FUN THEMED SET! I really love all the turkey goodness and just can’t wait to pull out more activities to do with my girls. This set is actually all just “turkey” based so it doesn’t have to explicitly tie into a Thanksgiving theme. The activities are hands-on and work on a variety of basic math and literacy skills. Let me know if you have any questions and find it in my shop by clicking on any photo in this post.
turkey themed activities for the classroom
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