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Having a morning routine and waking before everyone else wasn’t always a thing for me.  Well, If I’m being honest I am an early bird by nature, but before kiddos no matter the time I woke I could enjoy that quiet cup of coffee in peace.  Nowadays, ehhhhh not SO MUCH!  HA!  So about 2 years ago I decided that I needed to take back my mornings, set a morning routine, and wake BEFORE (my 6AM early risers) to start my day intentionally because, for me, IT MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE!

I’m not here to tell you that you need to get up before your kids and that you need a morning routine, but I am here to share with you mine and let you know how just a few simple steps has changed my mornings and days for the better.

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Before making the switch I woke up maybe 5 minutes before my girls or not until the first cry of the day and from the get go everything just seem frazzled, panicked. and a little crazy.  I mean I have two girls under four and for whatever reason right when they wake it’s like “mom, I need this…. mom where’s my… WAHHHHH.”  Ok, maybe extreme, but really I found myself becoming tense, upset, and just on the reactive at the start of every day and it just made for a rough start!

So I gradually (KEY WORD: GRADUALLY) started waking earlier, set a basic routine, and have stuck with it!  What’s changed?  I get to actually wake up!  I get to enjoy a hot cup of coffee in peace.  I get time to collect my thoughts, plan my day, read, work on goals… JUST ME!  It’s my time and that in this beautiful crazy, mom life I’m living is EVERYTHING.

So, what’s my morning routine look like?


That’s it!  Nothing fancy.  Not a HUGE list.  BUT it works for me!  This is my basic daily routine.  Most days I wake up about 1.5 -2hrs earlier than my girls (note – this is my main work time HA!) to make it happen, some days less but no matter, I always get up and do these things.

Your routine doesn’t need to look anything like mine.  Your routine can even change depending on the day (some days I throw a workout in the mix), but the important thing is to set a routine, be intentional, and make it happen!  Trust me, it’s a BIG mood booster and can change your day!

So tell me, what’s your routine?  Do you have one?  If not, are you ready to set that alarm just a little earlier and add in something that brings you JOY before the day starts?

Let me know!



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