Rainbow Painted Toast Kids Activity

March 10, 2020 No Comments

Who else goes a little rainbow crazy this time of year? I mean, I just can’t help it! All those bright colors just make me so happy!

If you’re looking to add one more rainbow-themed activity to your list you’ve got to try RAINBOW PAINTED TOAST!

Have you ever made painted toast with your littles? It seriously is so easy and FUN! Your kiddos will be so excited to create a masterpiece then EAT IT!


-Bread (white works best, but any will do)
-Clean New Paint Brushes
-Milk (any kind)
-Food Dye (the amount of dye used in this activity is small and we don’t do this often BUT if concerned look for natural food colorings or possibly skip this one)

-Fill several shallow cups with milk. Add a drop or two of food dye to each and mix. We made rainbows, so I created very small colored milk mixes in all 6 basic rainbow colors.
-Set out the colored milk, paintbrushes, and plain bread.
-Ask your littles to paint a rainbow on their toast! Watch them squeal with excitement! Encourage them to just use a little milk at a time, too much will make for soggy toast.
-When they are done painting, take the bread and pop it in the toaster.
-When done cooking, let cool, and ENJOY!

Seriously, how fun is this? We don’t do this activity very often but when we do my girls are always so excited to eat their toast!

Is this an activity you’d try with your littles?


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