Rainbow Christmas Sensory Bin

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… RAINBOW CHRISTMAS! I am so excited to be popping in today and sharing this rainbow Christmas sensory bin (and a FREEBIE) with you all.

I absolutely LOVE a good sensory bin and when I found these wooden snowmen, and dyed them in rainbow colors, I knew they would be perfect for one of our December bins.
Introducing Rainbow Christmas Color Sort! A fun, colorful sensory bin that my girls went WILD over! The Christmas theme and rainbow colors had them totally engaged. They explored, played, chatted, and have asked for me to pull it out every day since introducing it. So much imaginary play and creative thinking going on. PLUS, this bin easily gets littles talking about colors and sorting by color. IT JUST HAPPENS!
First, let’s chat about these beauties which inspired this ENTIRE idea! These here are wooden snowmen from Hobby Lobby that I dyed using food dye! Yep, you read that right. I follow the amazing Myriam from @mothercould and she shared a great Instagram post about how to dye wooden figures using food dye. Find her post and FOLLOW HER by clicking here.

Basically, all you have to do is add food dye to water, I used gel food color, and then toss in your wooden figures and let them soak. Pictured above you can see I added a bowl to help submerge the snowman completely and then I let ours soak for about 3 hours. Once they dried the colors POPPED and honestly, they are the most beautiful things!
Now that you have your snowmen ready (and even if you don’t you can still totally make a rainbow Christmas bin) let’s get that bin put together. For our bin I chose to use cotton balls as a “snow” base filler, then I basically added in anything that I had that was rainbow-colored/Christmas-like. Ours includes buttons, Christmas candy lollipop ornaments, rainbow candy canes, pom-pom balls, and Christmas trees. I found these supplies at the dollar tree and our local craft store. BUT, if you can’t find these items get creative… cut out some triangles and make your own rainbow Christmas trees, add mini rainbow-colored presents, and check out shops that have stuff for “mini trees” – it’s a thing now I guess. HAHA! What I’m saying is, you totally can use what you have and your kiddos will LOVE IT!
After our bin was put together I chose to pair it with these adorable rainbow snow globe sorting mats. These sorting mats are from my Pre-K Winter-Themed Activities set and are a FREEBIE for you all today! They pair perfectly with this sensory bin and are great for working on color recognition. Yay! Grab yours HERE in my shop for some color sorting fun!
 I set out the mats and asked my girls to sort by color. We followed up by counting how many of each color they sorted. We also chatted about which color had the most and least. It was super fun and great for getting in some color practice and math skills.
I don’t know what it is about rainbow colors, but kids LOVE RAINBOW and this bin is definitely one we will do again. How do you feel about rainbow Christmas? Could it be your thing?
LOOKING for my December sensory bin ideas? It’s your lucky day because I’ve teamed up with some awesome teacher-mamas who are sharing A TON of December themed sensory bins and activities. Head to the post here or by clicking the image below to see more.
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