Pumpkin Play Dough Tray

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It’s PUMPKIN time and that means you most definitely need a pumpkin play dough tray in your life!

pumpkin play dough


Yep, this month we will be pulling out TONS of fall activities and a themed play dough tray is a definite must.

Play dough trays are super SIMPLE TO PREP and lead to lots of imaginative play.

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HERE’S WHAT YOU’LL NEED to create your own pumpkin play dough tray!

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pumpkin play dough

Toss all those supplies on your tray and TADAA you have an activity tray that is ready for your kids to play, create, and imagine with!

Before setting out the tray read a book all about pumpkins. One of our favorites is Pick a Pumpkin by Patricia Toht! After reading together chat all about what pumpkins look like – some are short, some tall, some fat, some small, etc. This will help get your little thinking about all the different ways pumpkins can look.


Then set out the tray and invite them to create. When they are done you can have them share out what they created! This is a great time to encourage and practice listening and speaking skills.

I LOVE play dough tray invitations because you can prep and set them out for any theme and so many “around the house” parts can make their way onto these style activity trays. It doesn’t take much to make one awesome!

What do you think? Will you be inviting your littles to play with a tray like this?

pumpkin play dough tray

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