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Providing CHOICE is one of the easiest ways I help keep my girls engaged in activities! They want to have a say and although sometimes that can be tricky, I always try my best to provide opportunities for them to choose!

Pick & Count is a fun, hands-on way to practice number identification and counting with your littles. It’s easy to set up and I guarantee when they see the activity they will be curious. YAY!

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easel art paper
-various manipulatives for counting (counting bears, pom-poms, snap cubes, stickers, beans, mini erasers, etc.)

Roll out a sheet of paper and draw circles all over it. Fill each circle with a written numeral or number representation (in a range appropriate for your child’s current skill level). Set out a tray of various manipulatives for counting (provides choice and builds engagement). Ask your child to pick a circle, identify the number, and pick and count that many to match.

This activity is great for building number sense as your child practices understanding that each number is represented by a symbol and quantity. Modify the level of this activity by using number representations, written numerals, or even addition/subtraction problems!

What do you think? Will you give this activity a try?


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