Phone Number Practice Ideas (FREEBIES)

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Does your child know your phone number? Last week a friend of mine asked if I had any fun ideas for teaching kids phone numbers and after sharing with her, I thought why not pop in here and share with you all too!

phone number practice

Memorizing phone numbers can be tricky, but it is so important for children to know at least one contact number just in case they ever need to contact you by phone. I recommend just starting with one phone number, practicing it daily, and once your little seems to know it, move on, BUT be sure to review it weekly to keep it fresh in their minds (kind of like how you practice sight words).

Below I have listed a few hands-on ideas for practicing phone numbers with your child. I’d say pick one or two to practice with daily and I’d do this consistently until they have the phone number memorized. These review activities should be able to be completed in just a few minutes each day and ALL PRINTABLES you see in this post can be downloaded here for FREE.


When it comes to memorizing I’m a big believer that it’s much easier to memorize something when it’s got a TUNE! Pick a favorite song and switch out the words for the numbers in your phone number OR create your own chant or tune. Sing it daily. (Hands down this was the number one thing that worked for my Riley.)

teaching kids their phone number


Grab a small bin (a pencil box works great), toss in a filler like pom-poms or beans, and then add square pieces of paper that have the numbers of your phone number on them. Ask your child to pick and order the numbers to create their phone number. *A fun way to track (and build fine motor skills) is to add clothespins to the bin and ask them to clip a clothespin each time they build to get in multiple practice rounds.


For this activity set out the number cards on a flat surface so that they represent a phone keypad. Then ask your child to use a fly swatter to “swat” and say aloud the numbers in their phone number. Have them repeat 3-5 times.

activities for teaching kids their phone number


For this activity grab some number beads and set out with pipe cleaners. Ask your child to “thread” the beads on to create their phone number. A similar idea would be to create a number bead bracelet that they can wear for a few weeks while they learn and practice.


WE LOVE using salt writing trays over here so I thought why not use them to practice memorizing our phone number! Grab a large shallow tray, fill it with salt, then set out your phone number written on number cards. Your child can practice writing the entire phone number or just one number at a time.


Search Pinterest for “phone number practice” or print the three included freebie sheets for quick print and go practice! My oldest especially loved the read it, sticker it, and build it sheet! Toss them in a dry erase pouch for easy repeated practice.

So there ya have it! A few fun ideas to add to your phone number tool kit! Pick one or two, practice daily, and before you know it your kiddo will be shouting their phone number aloud to anyone who will listen.


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