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Who LOVES water play?  WE DO!

Water play is such a fun and engaging sensory activity for little ones.  A tub of water and a few tools are all you really need to engage babies, toddlers, and preschoolers for hours (OK, maybe not hours, but anything that keeps my kiddos busy for over 10 minutes is a major WIN)!  It’s also one of the easiest sensory activities to set up and is so versatile!

One way we like to switch things up is by adding ice and this week we even froze magnetic letters in our ice for some added letter recognition skill practice!  The girls LOVED it and had so much fun scooping, pouring, and spraying!  We even added a little colored water to the mix to make it even more ENGAGING!


Alphabet Ice Sensory Bin
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– tub or water table
– scoops, cups, syringes, droppers, spray bottles etc.
food dye (optional)
The day before I planned for us to do this activity I froze magnetic letters in ice!   To do this, drop one magnetic letter in each cube section of the ice tray, cover with water, and freeze.
On activity day I pulled out a medium sized plastic bin, filled it with water, and dumped in the ice cubes.  Next to the bin, I placed a tray of items for the girls to use as they played, explored, and ultimately tried ti melt those ice cubes!  I even added a few cups of dyed warm water go add to the fun.
You don’t need any fancy materials!  Bowls and measuring cups work just fine. 
Then sit back and watch your littles squeal withe excitement has they play and LEARN!
As they play chat about what they feel.  Is it hot or cold?  Is it wet or dry?
Ask about what letter they freed from the ice.  What is the letter name?  What sound does it make?  What color is it?  Extend learning!
Talk about the colored water.  What do they see?  What happens when you mix the colors together?
What kind of learning is happening here?
– fine motor skills
– letter recognition
– color recognition
– five senses vocabulary
What do you think?  Let me know if you’re going to give this activity a try!


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