Dot Marker Fun

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Raise your hand if you are a fan of DOT MARKERS? These wonderful no-mess painting daubers are perfect for little hands (big hands TOO) and are great for creating and learning!

So what are they? Basically, magic in marker form! Really! They are thick, bright, colorful markers that can be used to make dots or lines on paper. Easy set up and clean up, makes them a go-to art material in our house!

Here are a few fun ideas to learn and create with dot markers! Our favorite brand is Do-A-Dot Art. This brand came highly recommended to us and has always worked great!


What is it about a large sheet of paper that makes things more fun? Get in some fine motor and prewriting lines practice by drawing a few tracing lines on a large sheet of paper and hanging it on the wall. Ask your child to dot from one end to the other (left to right).


Looking for an EASY pattern practice set up? Dot markers and this FREE sheet are it. Pull it out, ask your child to say a pattern out loud, then dot it to create it. If your child is just learning patterns I recommend you starting the pattern and having them finish it instead. Grab the freebie here!


We LOVE using dot markers for arts and crafts! So much cleaner and easier than paint, BUT still bright and looks great. My girls had so much fun decorating their homemade wind socks (pictured above) with various colors. Also, the fall leaf prints at the top of this post were created by taping down leaves then letting the girls dot away. So EASY and fun.


A fun way to switch up letter and number formaton practice and still get in fine motor work – DOT MARKERS! Your kids won’t even realize they are learning because they will just be happily dotting away.


Working on counting one-to-one or simple addition? Pull out a sheet of paper and write numbers on it. Have your child count and dot to match each number. If working on addition, write simple addition problems and have them use two colors represent each number and then tell how many in all.


Another favorite way to use dot markers is for shape practice! Just like numbers and letters, dot markers are perfect for outlining shapes. You can use a sheet like the one pictured (FOUND HERE) or even just outline shapes on a paper and have your little dot them.

Do your littles like using dot markers? Share a favorite activity you do with them below!

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