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We’ve been working LOTS on identifying and forming letters over here so I wanted to share a resource that we use weekly!


These letter mats sure come in handy and I love that they are basically just print and go!  Print the letters you are working on, add a manipulative of choice, and use them in centers, as morning work, for letter introduction, etc.

Start by introducing the letter you are working on.  Have your child say the letter name and sound.  Then, have them air write the capital and lowercase letter by following the correct letter formation arrows.  Next have students finger trace the letters on the sheet.  Once this is done it’s time to BUILD!

Pull out those mini erasers, pom-poms, unifix cubes, bear counters… and let your kiddo get to work building the letter.  When they are done forming the letter have them practice tracing and writing the letter on the line provided.

Another fun way to use these sheets is to print off the half sheet pages and set out various manipulative!  Watch your little excitedly build each letter as THEY CHOOSE which manipulative they want to use.  This is such an EASY way to build engagement!

Here’s a video of my oldest working on one of these sheets with me!  This was the first time I introduced her to the sheets.  Now she is pro and can basically do them all on her own!

If you’re looking to add these sheets to your practice collection you can find them in my shop HERE or by clicking on any image in this post.

Happy Learning!


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